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Retail Returns Management / Individual Warranty Repair / Technical Support / Smart Device Screen Repair Service
Retail Returns Management Individual Product Repair
 Technical Support
Retail Returns Management Individual Product Repair  Technical Support
The J.P.S.S. Returns Management Services are provided for clients who wish to have a centralised multi-functional product returns centre. J.P.S.S. provides an integrated and structured approach to this extremely complex and important area of business. From the collection of product consignments through test/evaluation to final stock disposition J.P.S.S. embraces all of the partner process and reporting requirements. Operating within both B2B and B2C environments J.P.S.S. provides high quality product repairs to many leading brands within the C.E. market. Our highly qualified engineer and administration teams facilitate the repair process. They also ensure that the customer, product and brand are protected during the period that the product is within our care.
 J.P.S.S. does not operate the F.A.Q. approach adopted by many providers. Our technically astute product enthusiasts provide a customer focused cost effective response. Whether the requirement is for dedicated email and/or telephone support J.P.S.S. solves the problem with a real person response. 

Smart Device Screen Repair Service

Smart Device

Do you have a broken smart device screen?

We are now offering a screen repair service for many Smart Devices, to find out more please click here